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What is the idea behind Songs of Travel?
Climate change and migration are inextricably linked: the predicted increase in the number and intensity of extreme weather events such as drought, fires, storms, and flooding, will lead to huge numbers of people forced to move. Anna in Music for Galway devised the concept of SOT, inspired firstly by Jakob Koranyi's request to slow travel to Galway to play at the 1st CELLISSIMO Festival. Secondly, she was struck by a comment from a musician, an asylum seeker in Ireland who performed at the same Festival: He told her as he came off stage, that, for the first time since he had to flee his home country, he felt like himself again. Anna was inspired by Jakob's commitment to slow travel to reduce his carbon footprint, and by the power of music to create a sense of self and belonging. And so Songs of Travel was born.
Can I see the timeline for SOT?
Go to Calendar and fins out about approximate dates for release of Green Policy, Education Package and more SOT-related events. You will also find out the dates for our four festivals and when other SOT-events will happen.
Can we use the Green Policy even though we are not a Classical Music Festival?
Yes, you are more than welcome to dig in to our material and learn from our progress and mistakes. Adapt the green policy in the way you find best. Feel free to connect with us if you have questions, ideas or other feedback.
What is the main goal of SOT?
To research if classical music festivals can influence their artists and audience to live in a more sustainable way and at the same time, to raise awareness about the effects of migration.
How is SOT innovative?
SOT is innovative in its desire to push for near-zero-emissions festivals and to develop a policy that can be shared as a resource across Europe. The model of dissemination for the compositions allows for the longevity of new music. It is also innovative in its use of the interactive game to create empathy towards migration whilst also showcasing a new contemporary classical music soundtrack. Finally, classical music festivals often have strands exploring the music of a particular composer or genre of music – but the festivals in SOT will use music as the tool to enable wider intercultural dialogue on the topics of  climate change and migration.
How is the SOT music sustainable?
New works of contemporary classical music are rarely performed unless: they have been composed by very well-known composers or they are commissioned by a performing artist who insures that they will be played again. For SOT, rather than one ensemble of touring musicians going from festival to festival to perform, this consortium will bring sustainability to the longevity of the new music by presenting the 5 new compositions at 4 different festivals, performed by mainly different sets of musicians leading to a much bigger dissemination of the work. The festivals will also disseminate the work to other festivals and venues. This process of transnational co-creation by the partnership sits well within the objectives of this call. This work will foster the exchange of skills and competencies between the partner organizations through close collaboration on such common ground.