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Spring 2024

Release of First Green Policy

Learn how the festivals are addressing environmental sustainability, with the development of a green policy and actions that will lower their carbon emissions and environmental impact. In late spring 2024 the first draft of the Green Policy will be published..
May 18-26, 2024

Cellisimo – Music for Galway

World premiere of the five new songs-of-travel compositions in festival Cellisimo in Galway, Ireland. The National Symphony Orchestra will perform Djuro Zivkovic’s piece. Karmit Fadael´s piece will be followed by a talk including award-winning guest, journalist, Fintan O’ Toole.Lasse Thoresen’s piece will be co-programmed with Beethoven’s Irish Folk Songs and followed by a talk by Irish satirist, Blindboy. Hawar Tawfiq’s piece will be co-programmed with Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time and followed by a talk about Climate Justice by former Irish president and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson.
Galway, Ireland
Q2 2024

Release of Interactive Motion Comic

Play the game Songs of Travel and explore five immigrant’s ways to Europe accompanied by music by Elaine Agnew. Produced by Causa Creations and available for Android and iOs for free. In May 2024 the Interactive Motion Comic will be released.
June 14-18 2024

Fairplay Chamber Music

Performance of all five songs-of-travel compositions at Fairplay Chamber Music festival in Järna, Sweden. During Fairplay Chamber Music 2024 Songs of Travel will be highlighted in various ways. Full programme will be released in February.
Järna, Sweden
September 2024

Release of Educational Package 1-3

A Contemporary Classical Music Education Programme, Music to Young Ears, to help facilitate engagement with contemporary classical music and highlight themes of migration and social inclusion for different ages.
June 21-25 2024

Valdres Sommersymfoni

Performance of all five Songs-of-travel compositions at Valdres Sommersymfoni in Norway. During Valdres Summer Symphony festival 2024, Djuro Zivkovic’s piece will be performed by Norwegian Radio Orchestra, Peter Friis Johansson (piano), Jakob Koranyi (cello) and Petr Popelka (Conductor). 200 children will be present in an audience of 800. A workshop for children looking at the piece by Lasse Thoresen. A panel talk will follow Karmit Fadael’s piece discussing sustainability.
March 26-April 6, 2025

The Piano Biënnale

Performance of all five Songs-of-travel compositions at The Piano Biënnale which takes place in the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen, in the Dutch province called Gelderland. In Piano Biennale 2025 the universal theme of Songs of Travel aims to connect our mission to our beliefs and steers us to organize our festival in a sustainable way. SOT highlights: A panel talk will follow one of the commissioned pieces discussing sustainability with the students of Radboud University who are involved in environmental and migrational issues.
Arnhem and Nijmegen, Netherlands